2017 Business License apps due by March 1

2017 Business Professional Occupational License (BPOL) applications are now available online. The application is due, with payment and proof of your business’ gross receipts for 2016, to the Town of Bowling Green Business Office by close of business on March 1, 2017.

A Town of Bowling Green BPOL will not be issued to any business without proof of gross receipts received by thebusiness in 2016. Gross Receipts is defined in the Town Code as: the whole, entire, total receipts attributable to the licensed privilege without deduction, except as may be limited by the provisions of Chapter 37, Title 58.1, Code of Virginia. Businesses that operate in multiple jurisdictions need only provide verification of gross receipts for business conducted in the Town of Bowling Green.

Businesses operating at multiple locations with in the Town must submit one application per physical address.

Businesses operating from a residence must submit a Home Occupation Permit application in addition to a BPOL application.

Licensing requirements, exclusions, and compliance regulations can be found in Chapter 7, Article 7 of the Code of the Town of Bowling Green. The full text of the Code is available on our website: www.townofbowlinggreen.com or in the Town of Bowling Green Business Office located at 117 Butler Street.